Magneti Marelli Parts & Services: spark plugs and glow plugs for engines in perfect efficiency

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services spark plugs and glow plugs

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers a complete range of spark plugs and pre-heating glow plugs capable of meeting the needs of more than 96% of the European circulating park.

Although much attention is now focused on the future transition to electric mobility, the vast majority of vehicles on the roads of the old continent still have combustion engines, powered by gasoline or diesel, which require these fundamental components.

Furthermore, the slowdown in vehicle replacement cycles, due to the recent economic crisis and consumer uncertainty, means that in many countries, starting from Italy, the average age of cars has increased: this entails greater maintenance needs and, with increasing mileage, periodic replacement of components.

Thanks to the latest developments and the introduction of electrical components that allow various modes of hybrid propulsion, internal combustion engines have significantly reduced their emissions; in particular, diesel engines, thanks to the technologies provided for Euro 6 homologation, have reached emissions levels of nitrogen oxides comparable to those of gasoline engines.


Spark plugs improve fuel consumption and emissions

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services spark plugs, designed to meet the quality standards of the main European manufacturers, guarantee the optimization of thermal conductivity, the reduction of electromagnetic interference, and the maximum reliability of the engine.

The materials used for their construction are selected to withstand any mechanical, chemical, and electrical stress; this makes our spark plugs ideal for always ensuring optimal ignition and, consequently, for reducing fuel consumption and emission levels.

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers a complete range of spark plugs with different construction characteristics to meet any need. The materials of the central electrode vary according to the type of spark plug and can be iridium, platinum, or nickel.

It is a spark plug with a central electrode made of iridium, a highly resistant noble metal suitable for high performance. It facilitates cold starts, even in harsh weather conditions, improves fuel utilization by reducing consumption, decreases the chances of irregular ignition, and keeps emissions within the limits prescribed for each type of vehicle. Its lifespan is longer than traditional or nickel spark plugs. Due to its excellent characteristics, it is a spark plug often used by automakers for original equipment. Replacement is generally recommended between 80,000 and 100,000 kilometers.

In this Magneti Marelli Parts & Services spark plug, the central electrode is platinum, a very wear-resistant noble metal that allows reducing the electrode diameter, improving ignition. Compared to nickel spark plugs, it offers more efficiency during the ignition phase, reducing fuel consumption, decreasing the chances of irregular ignition, and keeping emissions within the prescribed levels for the vehicle. Replacement is scheduled every 60,000 kilometers for standard platinum spark plugs and every 80,000 kilometers for Double Platinum ones.

This type of spark plug is more suitable for older engines or those with standard performance that do not require special features. Its lifespan is shorter, with a recommended replacement interval of every 20,000 kilometers, but it still constitutes a reliable and economically convenient choice.

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(*) Refer to the vehicle's owner's manual for the exact recommended mileage for replacing the spark plugs.

High-performance glow plugs

Diesel engines still constitute a significant part of overall mobility, thanks to their high efficiency and new technological solutions, which have minimized emissions.

Therefore, the availability of pre-heating glow plugs is of great importance, in the development of which Magneti Marelli Parts & Services has never ceased to invest. Having efficient glow plugs means optimizing fuel consumption and keeping emissions within the standards prescribed by Euro 6D regulations.

The glow plug range covers the needs of 95% of the European circulating park and consists of components made with quality materials that can withstand intense stress of various kinds, whether chemical, electrical, thermal, or mechanical. Their characteristics guarantee ultra-fast cold starts, even when environmental conditions are particularly harsh. Quality is guaranteed by complying with the highest industry standards, including ISO 6550, ISO 7578, and ISO 17447-1 2015 certifications.

The range of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services glow plugs, entirely developed and manufactured in Italy, comprises three types of products.

Metal glow plugs with a dual filament, equipped with the latest pre- and post-heating technology, remain lit for up to three minutes after the engine is started, as required by the management unit, to minimize noise and emissions.

Instant heating
These metal glow plugs feature a special technology called ISS (Instant Start System) with variable power supply voltage are controlled by the management unit and they reach operating temperature in about two seconds. This enables almost instantaneous ignition of diesel engines, similar to gasoline engines, even in particularly challenging environmental conditions (with temperatures down to -25 °C). They operate in combination with an electronic control unit that regulates current absorption and temperature variation according to the engine's needs, even during operation. This ensures a continuous and stable combustion process, leading to fuel savings for the driver and reduced emissions.

Ceramic equivalent ISS
These instant heating glow plugs are equivalent to those in ceramic provided for original equipment and can withstand higher operating temperatures, contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. Equipped with ISS technology, they differ from instant heating ones by featuring a dual filament, welded with a special alloy, and have very short heating times. They reach temperatures of up to 950°C in less than two seconds and can reach a maximum of 1,150°C during post-heating.

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Magneti Marelli Parts & Services glow plugs, developed and manufactured in Italy, ensure high performance even in situations where the vehicle is subjected to intense mechanical stress, long-lasting durability, and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

With a wide range of over 30 product lines, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers comprehensive and reliable solutions for every automotive maintenance and repair need, ensuring superior performance and customer satisfaction.

All the details are available in the spare parts section of this website.