Magneti Marelli Parts & Services: advanced diagnostic solutions for forward-looking workshops

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services has recently presented its new range of advanced diagnostic tools and solutions to the international aftermarket.

The new range of diagnostic equipment, which is modular and flexible, can also meet the needs of professionals who already use other devices, and with it the company completes its comprehensive range of professional equipment for fast, reliable and effective workshop repairs.

The new range of diagnostic solutions offered by Magneti Marelli Parts & Services consists of: Visual Plus, a rugged tablet with a dual Wi-Fi communication card and a 13.3" screen that features high-definition graphics and advanced interface; Data Plus, a complete VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) that covers the three different types of diagnosis, Multi-Brand, Pass-Thru and Remote, with a single hardware interface; Data Box, a practical VCI for multi-brand diagnosis, which can be interfaced to the Visual Plus tablet or to other Android displays.

Data Plus is a very complete and advanced tool, equipped with a 3.97" Single Touch screen, capable of covering various diagnostic needs. When paired with Visual Plus via Wi-Fi, it allows multi-brand diagnosis, drawing on one of the most complete databases on the market that includes approximately 150 European, Asian and American manufacturers. It can also perform online coding for very advanced operations and activate guided diagnosis procedures.

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Data Box is a VCI that allows multi-brand diagnosis by relying on the same extensive vehicle database as the Data Plus multi-brand version. Compact and robust, the tool proves to be easy to use and at the same time advanced in terms of diagnosis operations. It can be interfaced with both Visual Plus and another Android display and is equipped with USB and Bluetooth connections, thus guaranteeing a flexible interface. Data Box is also equipped with three RGB LEDs that indicate power supply, communication with the vehicle and the type of connection (USB or Bluetooth), again for the benefit of smoothness in the workshop.

On the Data Plus multi-brand version and on Data Box, the important Cyber Security function is also enabled, with unlocks already active for the main manufacturers and others coming soon. Both VCIs support the DOiP protocol for fast diagnosis on new vehicles are equipped with Ethernet Bus communication, which is already integrated in Data Plus and can be used on Data Box simply connecting a specific cable.

As an option, both on Data Plus multi-brand version and Data Box it is possible to enable the Data Bank, which offers immediate access to numerous Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), as well as a link to fault codes and the related case descriptions. The database also offers solutions and suggestions thanks to the guided diagnosis of the component, based on the error values found, thus becoming an essential support for the workshop.

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Magneti Marelli Parts & Services also offers the EV Battery Diag kit for diagnosis to complete its range: on-board, through the OBD socket, and off-board, through adapter cables, with a coverage of over 95% of the vehicle park; a 4-channel Oscilloscope to display, acquire and analyze signals coming from the vehicle; a Signal Generator designed for diagnosis and simulation of sensor faults. The latter two are only available with Visual Plus.