Magneti Marelli Parts & Services: Project 5.0, the Digital Transformation centred on the Customer

Symbolic representation: a woman with half of her face covered by digital numbers symbolizes the technological integration in Project 5.0. Next to it, the distinctive logo of the project.

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services is taking the opportunity offered by Futurmotive 2023 to present to the automotive aftermarket sector Project 5.0: the Digital Wave, an ambitious digitalisation project that embraces a number of company areas, with significant investments aimed at considerably strengthening services.

Drawing on innovative digital services that involve the company, its suppliers, logistics partners and its clients, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services is continuing on its path towards greater efficiency and excellence, now more than ever confirming its aim to maintain its global leadership in the independent aftermarket sector, once again underscoring its capacity to evolve, not only predicting market demands but also anticipating trends. An integrated approach that, through a series of evolved digital solutions, is aimed at providing its customers with a unique and personalised purchasing experience.

“Project 5.0 represents our determination and commitment to lead the independent aftermarket towards new digital horizons,” stated Stefano Sancassani, the CEO of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services. “We are aware that innovation is not only a choice, but rather a fundamental need in order to remain relevant and competitive in a constantly evolving panorama. With Project 5.0, we are redefining our company approach and, at the same time, our mentality. The initiative embodies our vision of a future in which technology, combined with the simplification of processes, creates tangible value for our commercial partners” concluded Sancassani.

Project 5.0 is a multi-stage process that the company has implemented on a global level, concerning various aspects of its business, including the supply chain, customer relations, pricing strategies and modernised product warranty management, using technology as a tool to further solidify relations with all its stakeholders. 

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One of the pillars of Project 5.0 is the Extended Supply Chain project, which is built around the powerful digital platform called MASP (Marelli Aftermarket Service Portal).

The purpose of the MASP platform is to simplify and strengthen the procurement flow from suppliers, automating the remaining processes that until now have been managed manually.

MASP allows Magneti Marelli Parts & Services to publish and upload orders, future purchasing forecasts and digital documentation, and to dialogue with suppliers in real time through an online notice board, considerably improving communication and collaboration.

By digitalising the procurement process, MASP improves the level of supplier services. This leads to a considerable improvement in Magneti Marelli Parts & Services customer satisfaction, more effectively meeting customer needs with more efficient deliveries, increased product availability and range, and with the optimisation of backorders. MASP furthermore improves the management of deliveries and the traceability of goods.

One of the projects comprising Project 5.0 that best represents the goal of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services to place the customer at the centre of its digital transformation, offering a first-class experience, is the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

Through the implementation of a new advanced CRM system, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services aims in fact to bolster its ability to understand, interact and serve the customer in a more effective manner.

The new Magneti Marelli Parts & Services CRM offers a complete range of functions aimed at centralising and automating the activities of sales, marketing and support, allowing the company to acquire and analyse detailed client data.

It is therefore an instrument that allows the creation of a direct and constant line of communication between Magneti Marelli Parts & Services and every single customer, understanding their real needs and even managing to foresee them. This means that the company can make personalised offers that are tailor-made for the customer’s target market, and to develop targeted communication aimed at identifying new business opportunities for each and every client.

One significant implementation of Project 5.0 is the integration into Magneti Marelli Parts & Services e-commerce of an innovative digital administration platform, called Warranty & Claims Digital Management, for the management of warranties and anomalies in delivery.

Within the Warranty & Claims Digital Management platform, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services customers will be able to upload applications in a standardised manner, following the progress of their requests at any time. All of this promotes the simplification and speeding up of return procedures, and increased operational efficiency, as well as the full traceability of open applications and rapid responses to customers.

Project 5.0 also includes the new Pricing project, which is driven by powerful software developed in collaboration with a leading company, aimed at optimising the management of pricing of the products in the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services portfolio. This allows for the development of analytical models, the implementation of systems to monitor a range of markets, and the adoption of dynamic pricing policies that allow Magneti Marelli Parts & Services to promptly adapt to fluctuations in the sector and to supply customers with products at market prices that are appropriate and up to date.

Some projects that form part of Project 5.0 are already active in selected European countries, which will be joined by all the others over the coming months, achieving full implementation by the end of 2024.

As well as the fulfilment of the projects mentioned, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services is also working on other advanced digital initiatives, some of which will be launched over the course of 2024. These projects are aimed at further improving operational efficiency and customer experience, and at offering them new opportunities for growth.

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services has created a web page dedicated to Project 5.0 to allow customers to follow the advancement of the Digital Wave and discover exactly what lies behind each project, as well as explore the benefits for their business. The page, which is currently available with .it and .com suffixes, will also go online in the other EMEA markets over the coming months.