Magneti Marelli Parts & Services: 300 new items in just the last two years for its own-brand range of filters

Over the last two years alone, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services has introduced around 300 new items to its own-brand range for the filter segment, thus allowing the company to offer an exhaustive range of fuel and oil filters as well as air filters for both engines and cabins.

All these items feature cutting-edge materials. Magneti Marelli Parts & Services filters are developed in accordance with strict quality standards and guarantee excellent engine performance in all driving conditions, avoiding potential and severe damage and helping to protect the environment.

The complete Magneti Marelli Parts & Services-brand range is made up of filters produced in European plants specialised in both original vehicle parts and aftermarket parts and stands out for its high value for money, while at the same time respecting strict criteria of quality regarding the various parameters concerned, such as mechanical strength, rigidity, shape memory, filtering efficiency and absorbency. Magneti Marelli Parts & Services filters are also capable of operating at optimal capacity in a wide range of temperatures.

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The fuel filters sold under the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services brand, also available with water separation technology, guarantee excellent performance in terms of filtering contaminants, maximising vehicle efficiency and range. Using avant-garde filtering materials (cellulose, cellulose-synthetic compounds, 100% synthetic) capable of satisfying the requirements of the majority of car manufacturers, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services fuel filters guarantee extraordinary levels of protection, ensuring elevated separation of residue water (95% and above). The range, focused on cars and light commercial vehicles, currently covers 88% of cars on the road in Europe.

The oil filters offered by Magneti Marelli Parts & Services are of the “spin-on” and “Eco” type, and are also available with anti-drain valves, thus avoiding oil from leaking out when the engine is turned off, as well as by-pass valves for cold starting. These filters guarantee excellent protection for the engine, thanks to the high-efficiency filter media, which is capable of absorbing and holding impurities and solid particles. Fitted with a by-pass valve for cold starting, an anti-drain valve (when requested in line with the original parts) for dry starting and rubber gaskets to avoid leaks, these filters offer the best in terms of engine protection. The range for cars and light commercial vehicles, currently covers 86% of cars on the road in Europe.

The engine air filters offered under the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services brand are characterised by low flow resistance and excellent efficiency in separating out impurities, guaranteeing the utmost protection for the engine. The particular design, which provides for dedicated overhanging folds inside the filter medium, favours maximum airflow while capturing impurities. Reliability between maintenance intervals is also guaranteed by the dedicated polyurethane gaskets that ensure a tight seal, allowing only clean air to reach the engine. These products are resistant to high temperatures, humidity and the effects of oil and mechanical stress. The range of engine air filters guarantee coverage for 80% of cars and light commercial vehicles on the road in Europe.

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The cabin air filters offered under the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services brand are available in either particulate or active carbon versions, the latter capable of not only blocking all types of particle but also unpleasant odours. They are designed with the same quality as original equipment (with evolved techniques and avant-garde filter materials) to protect health and the environment. Thanks to the precise fitting and excellent seal, they offer high filtering performance, guaranteeing fresh and healthy air that is free of dust, soot, allergenic pollen and gases such as ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. The range of cabin air filters guarantees coverage for 92% of cars and light commercial vehicles on the road in Europe.

With the significant expansion of the filter range, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services underlines its goal of offering a one-stop solution for the after-sales world, with products that stand out for their technology, performance and excellent value for money, capable of satisfying all requirements related to maintenance for the most common vehicles currently on the road.

All the filters offered under the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services brand come in the unmistakable yellow and blue packaging that identifies the company.

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services provides professionals with digital catalogues of its filtration range that can be downloaded from the spare parts and catalogues sections of this website.