Tamara Molinaro: exploring the essence of Extreme E

Tamara Molinaro with helmet in hand in front of the garage of her 2023 Extreme E SUV

On the weekend of 2 and 3 December, Tamara Molinaro, the only Italian to be taking part in the EXTREME E championship, will be a leading figure competing in the last race of the season in Antofagasta, Chile, with Jenson Button’s team.

We interviewed Tamara during the last Island X Prix in Sardinia, in the Capo Teulada Army Training Ground in the south-western part of the island.

In this immersive and fascinating setting, the driver led us on a tour of her world, showing us a glimpse behind the scenes of this Championship and of the milestones in her Extreme E career, from her first steps as a championship driver in 2021 in Greenland, to her first race in Saudi Arabia and her podium position last year in Sardinia. Check out the video!

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A focus on sustainability and thrills at the wheel

The interview gives a clear idea of the themes that Tamara holds dear, and which are closely related to the championship in which she participates: sustainability and gender equality. Extreme E takes place in symbolic locations such as the Amazon Forest, the Arctic and the desert, raising awareness of aspects related to environmental protection. How? By locating the X PRIX races in these areas characterised by extreme environmental conditions and particularly affected by climate change.

However, sustainability is not limited to this; it takes tangible form in the use of 100% electric SUVs, which, as Tamara explains, offer a notably different driving experience than the classic rally cars she is used to, but that nonetheless maintain excellent comfort, power and handling, making races exciting and thrilling.

Pioneers since the very beginning, we at Magneti Marelli Parts & Services develop solutions that guarantee workshops a constant process of growth and renewal. In this light, embracing values related to a focus on sustainability and responding to new technology present in the most modern vehicles, we have created and implemented all the tools necessary for the maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles, and we also provide dedicated technical training courses. This has led to the emergence of the Hybrid & Electric concept; with us in the present, facing the future together.

Diversity in the teams and gender inclusion

The teams in the championship include many important names from the world of Motorsport, such as Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg; but further value comes from the aspect of gender inclusion. In this light, regulations dictate that every team is made up of one man and one woman racing on board a 550-bhp SUV.

We support the focus on this theme, and - as with Tamara - we hope to see more women playing active and important roles within international automotive championships.

Tamara Molinaro is an example of strength, humility and determination. The Magneti Marelli Checkstar network is proud of this partnership and recognises itself in these values. Our thanks to Tamara and our best wishes for a thrilling weekend for the last #ExtremeDrive of 2023 in Chile.

Stay tuned, there may be more surprises yet to come!