Marelli for Alfa Romeo Tonale

Marelli is proud to be onboard the new Alfa Romeo Tonale.
​Marelli Automotive Lighting Full-LED Adaptive Matrix Headlights will light the way for a car that combines both style and innovation. ​

In addition to the headlamp's classic features, this solution integrates two sophisticated lighting technologies: the "Adaptive Low Beam" and the "Adaptive Driving Beam".

The "Adaptive Low Beam" features City, Country, Motorway and Bad Weather modes as well as static bending lights. The "Adaptive Driving Beam" includes the "Glare-Free High Beam Segmented Technology", which automatically detects traffic in front and in the opposite side of the vehicle to prevent creating glare to other cars.​

The rear lights with 3 appealing taillight modules on each side feature the same styling elements of the headlamps. Thanks to their extension on the whole trunk door, they completely drape the back side of the car, identifying it in a unique and distinctive way.

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The light unit is once again the star at the rear. It reworks the proposal made in the concept car, in a kind of sine curve that passes from either side of the rear and becomes the unequivocal light signature of the Tonale. The roundness and, now classic, fold in the lower centerline shape of the rear window characterises the car's upper rear volume, in a sporty yet elegant way evoking iconic cars like the 8C Competizione where the daylight opening (DLO), the edges of the side windows and the top of the rear window meet.