Magneti Marelli Checkstar and Antonio Giovinazzi, together for Formula E!

Antonio Giovinazzi has taken on a new challenge and has become a leading figure in the FIA Formula E championship with the Dragon Penkse Autosport team. Magneti Marelli Parts & Services has decided to confirm its collaboration with the driver and to play an active role in his sporting season in this championship, which is one of the most electrifying and competitive in the future of motorsports.

For 2022 we are once again an official sponsor for Antonio Giovinazzi, who is a Brand Ambassador for our network of Magneti Marelli Checkstar workshops.

Following Antonio Giovinazzi in the Formula E championship, which is seeing considerable growth, is in line with the increasing importance of electrical mobility worldwide; we know that the market is moving towards ever-increasing electrification and therefore being able to play a leading role both in the market and in these exciting races on city-based racetracks is electrifying!

Antonio Giovinazzi, who is always willing to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and courage, is putting his talent in the driver’s seat of these extremely fast electric vehicles, while flying our colours on a brand-new helmet made in collaboration with Bell.

“It is an immense pleasure to be a Magneti Marelli Checkstar Brand Ambassador for the second year running; it is a true honour for me to be able to wear this iconic logo during the championship!” said Antonio. “Furthermore, with Magneti Marelli Checkstar at my side, I can count on a network of qualified workshops, which is an important guarantee in daily life. It is a question of “boost”, … [laughing, ed.] and having all these professionals supporting me is a great source of encouragement; Magneti Marelli Checkstar is my ideal partner!”.

Antonio will not only be taking our colours onto the racetrack, but also our values of quality and excellence, and our company mission to constantly exceed ourselves. As well as wearing our brand during races, Antonio will be expressing our values on his highly popular social network channels.

Just as Antonio will be flying our colours, we will be proudly featuring him in the workshops in our network and on the relative social network profiles with a communication campaign aimed at promoting our collaboration.

This is because the new electrical challenge involves Antonio as much as it does the rest of us; an ever-increasing number of electrified and purely electrical vehicles are coming to our workshops, and the challenge is to be able to manage them in an excellent manner, understanding their specific needs and working in full safety to provide a level of service in line with best practices. This is not a challenge that worries us; it is one that the workshops in the Magneti Marelli Checkstar network, with the right preparation and the instruments available - such as, for example, training - have been ready to face for some time, without backing down in the face of the technical and technological evolutions that our sector is undergoing.

Magneti Marelli Checkstar and Antonio Giovinazzi, an electrifying collaboration for an extremely rewarding future!