New "Track control arms" catalogue

 An updated and wider range to satisfy market demands
 More than 300 products in the catalogue
 580 items for 26 car manufacturers

The track control arms are structural components that provide the connection between the wheel unit and the vehicle chassis via the interpositioning of a subframe to which the suspension is anchored.
Together with shock absorbers, springs and tyres, control arms are responsible for road holding and drive comfort.

The new Magneti Marelli Parts & Services range includes original or equivalent quality products for both cars and commercial vehicles that are easy to fit and that provide reliable performance.

The 2020 catalogue, downloadable from this page in electronic PDF format, includes items sorted by brand/vehicle, as well as OE/IAM comparison tables.

The applications and cross references are also available on the TecDoc web platform.

In the catalogue range, the type of metal used for each item, prevalently steel or aluminium alloy, is exactly the same as that chosen by the vehicle manufacturer. 
The control arms are connected to the chassis via pre-mounted brackets (silent blocks) that filter out vibrations from the wheels and guarantee the correct positioning of the suspension. The bushing housings undergo anti-corrosion treatment for increased resistance to wear. The ball joint that connects to the wheel hub is of high quality, ensuring optimal transfer of traction, compression and radial forces that the arm is usually subject to. The low deformity level of the unit ensures that these properties are maintained over time.

In order to guarantee the same standards as original parts, each element of the product is subject to a series of quality and safety checks that can be grouped into three categories:

a.  Dynamic tests
•  Traction resistance of the axle and ball joints.
•  Stress tests for the bushing at temperatures of between -40 °C and +150 °C.
•  Shear-strength tests for the track control arm.

b.  Metrology tests
•  Tests for surface rusting with 3D processing.
•  Resistance test for welding.
•  Test of rotational torque and torque transmission.

c.   Metallographic tests
•  Spectrometer analysis to verify metal composition.
•  Permanent deformation test and analysis of the macrostructure following heat treatment.
•   Penetration test for welding.
•   Salt spray test.

Compliance with strict criteria for technical specifications in terms of function and durability means that the new range of track control arms offers various advantages in terms of performance:

•  a smooth ride, thanks to the quality of the ball joints that connect the track control arms to the wheel;
•  elevated ride comfort, due to the excellent shock absorbing properties of the arm;
•  significant ride safety and a correct steering angle guaranteed by the resistance of the arm to deformation;
•  precise control of the wheels, thanks to the precise adjustment of the ball joints and the supports for the pre-mounted arms.