Electronic systems and robotised gearboxes catalogue

The new 2020 Electronics catalogue is now available in both printed and PDF format.
The applications and cross-references are also available on the TecDoc web platform.

The range includes 400 selected products from the Marelli Powertrain range (the business unit dedicated to the production of components for car, motorbike and light vehicle engines and gearboxes), and offers:

• engine control units
• throttle bodies
• injectors
• AMT (Automated Manual Transmission).

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers the original technology and quality to the independent aftermarket.

The new edition has been enhanced with updated graphics that make it easier to read and consult. Vehicle brands and models are shown both with their commercial name and industrial version; each product is identified with both short and long codes.

Clear explanatory notes are provided as necessary.
New icons have been introduced to reduce text and render reading even more immediate.
The entire range has been photographed to provide further support in identifying the correct part.

The first of the two sections in the catalogue (regarding ECU, throttle bodies and injectors) presents the products available for vehicles, photographs of each item, the main applications and the OE/OES – Magneti Marelli P&S cross-reference tables.

The section specifically dedicated to AMT presents the products with photographs, the main applications and  cross-references with OES.


The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the device that manages modern internal combustion engines. It collects inbound information from a series of sensors regarding the operational status of the engine.

This information is processed by various circuits in the unit in order to control the actuators that apply control strategies regarding fuel, combustion and emissions in relation to the programme stored in the memory and optimised during the experimentation and certification of the vehicle.

As well as these main functions, the unit also permits:
full auto-diagnostics for both the inbound sensors and outbound actuators
the recovery of malfunction signals on the basis of valid input
engine lock (immobiliser) function

With the aid of diagnostic testers connected to the system, it is possible for an operator to view engine parameters and errors and carry out tests.

Engine Control Unit for FIAT QUBO 1.4 - 70CV

Electronics in the controlling of internal combustion engine is therefore used to improve performance, comfort, consumption and emissions, at the same time guaranteeing increasingly higher levels of reliability. Another important aspect is the possibility of auto-diagnosis that, through the logic and calculation capacities of the on-board electronics, automatically provides mechanics with a whole series of indications regarding the system status, leading them to an easy identification of malfunctions (thus rendering maintenance easier).

The current range in the catalogue offers more than 70 control units for diesel and petrol engines.

THROTTLE BODIES (and Intake manifolds for both diesel and petrol engines)

The throttle body is the main component in the intake manifold, of which it is often an integral part. It is responsible, via the “throttle”, for dosing the quantity of air supplied to the engine according to demand from the driver via the accelerator.

Marelli designs and manufactures throttle bodies and intake ducts (CAB and CAD) for both petrol and diesel engines.

Magneti Marelli P&S offers a range of 140 complete products and 60 spare parts (regulators and stepper motors).

Throttle body for 1.2 TSI fitted to Audi A1 - Seat Ibiza - Skoda Fabia

Throttle body for 2.3 JTD 16V fitted to Fiat Ducato



The main function of an injector is to transform the electronic command signal from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) into the exact quantity of fuel required by the engine for ideal combustion. The duration of injection is information that is transmitted by the ECU on the basis of information received by sensors regarding the functioning of the engine. The average order of magnitude for opening is measured in milliseconds.

Injector for engines 1.4 TSI (petrol) fitted to VW Golf e Tiguan

Injector for engines 1.4 EcoFuel (GNC) fitted to VW Passat and Touran

Injection systems have undergone significant evolution, from carburettors to electronic systems. Marelli has been a leader in this evolution from the very beginning right up to the most modern direct injection systems (GDI). Magneti Marelli Parts & Services has a dedicated range of products that includes carburettors, PFI and picojet injectors (PF = port fuel, indirect injection) and GDI.

The complete range includes more than 60 types of injector that differ in spray configuration, operating range, pressure and power supply voltage.


AMT (Automated Manual Transmission)

Marelli’s AMT is a form of automation for the manual gearbox originating from the Formula 1 world that combines ease of use and a reduction in fuel consumption. A hydraulic servo system operating clutch and gear changes that allows a combination of all the benefits of a dry clutch and automatic transmission (reduced weight, sturdiness and reliability, as well as low energy consumption). At the same time it simplifies operations and reduces effort when driving in traffic or in situations when frequent gear changes are required.

Thanks to the use of the hydraulic servo systems and interfacing with the engine control unit, the AMT is capable of providing either sportive or relaxed gear changes according to the requirements of the driver and their driving style. There is no clutch pedal in the foot well.

The servo system basically consists of a hydraulic actuator fitted directly onto the gearbox which, via a series of pistons, manages the selection and engagement of the gears. The pistons are controlled by a set of solenoid valves provided with the required hydraulic power from an electric pump and an accumulator.

An electronic control unit, having identified the request from the driver and assessed the operational conditions of the vehicle via a series of sensors, autonomously manages gear changes, directly controlling clutch, gearbox and engine torque (hence the definition of robotised gearbox). The interfacing between the control of the gearbox and the engine significantly improves the performance of the system and frees the driver from any need to synchronise clutch and acceleration during gear changes (which can even take place with the accelerator to the floor).

AMT003 robotised gearbox fitted to Fiat 500L - Qubo 1.3 Mjet

The robotised gear change also serves a role of tutoring and driving assistance, inhibiting erroneous gear change requests and avoiding engine stalls or wheel locking on slippery surfaces. In terms of driving assistance, it also ensures the immediate availability of first gear when the vehicle comes to a halt, and automatic downshifting in the event of sudden deceleration. These aspects all represent an increase in driving safety as the possibilities of erroneous actions by the driver are reduced to a minimum. The current gear selected is shown on a display integrated into the instrument cluster.

AMTR003 electric pump for AMT002 robotised gearbox

Thanks to the electronic optimisation of gear changes and the positive combination with engine control, this technology is capable of ensuring lower consumption in comparison with a vehicle with manual transmission, leading to lower pollution emissions, particularly of CO₂.

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers the genuine spare parts to the independent aftermarket; the current offer includes hydraulic electro-actuators and relative accessories for a total of 60 products.



Through its Research and Development centres, Applied Research centres and production plants, Marelli Powertrain is present on a worldwide scale.

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