The Aftermarket’s wide offer of products focus on Top quality equipment
with the ranges lighting, suspension systems and electronics,
excellences of world leaders in the production of automotive components.

Constantly in motion, together.

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All of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services’s values, goals, ambitions and skills are brought together in these images, in motion, just like us.

“Everything is in motion, we are perpetually on the move"; this is the introduction to the corporate video for Magneti Marelli Parts & Services, our new brand dedicated to the Aftermarket sector which, as always focused on innovation and oriented to the future.

In the video, we have expressed everything that identifies and characterises us; our passion for the automotive worldfor innovationtalent and creativityour more than a century of experience in developing solutions and technological revolutions that have made history; the quality and reliability that we have built up over time; the desire to continue to improve and grow... together.
This is what makes Magneti Marelli Parts & Services the ideal partner which whom to develop new business in the Aftermarket world, taking on and leading market evolution. Thanks to our experience and passion, we have the answers to your questions!

A video full of emotion and ideas, which in just over 100 seconds, expresses our way of understanding the automotive Aftermarket sector: “Reinventing Innovation”, lending new form to innovation, obviously together with you all.