Magneti Marelli Parts & Services is capable of rapidly
and efficiently responding to dealers and spare-parts suppliers
via an interconnected and widespread infrastructure
with an integrated system of advanced services.

Innovation in transportation

The delivery service is capable of processing urgent orders in just a few hours.

The Magneti Marelli Parts & Services LDC (Local Distribution Center) warehouses are one of the most important assets in the entire infrastructure.

With sophisticated processes managed in a wireless and paper-free manner, we are able to deliver to all our customers within the area served with extreme rapidity (2-3 hours).

A focus on availability

In our warehouses, goods are moved quickly thanks to an automated system of breakdown ordering that is able to render each product available as quickly as possible, once the stock has been identified. Transparent order management allows a company like Magneti Marelli Parts & Services to guarantee a workflow that is rapid and extremely efficient, capable of satisfying the most demanding of dealers and spare parts retailers.

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It’s time to raise the volume!


We offer our customers special services designed to respond to all demands.

Deliveries in just a few clicks

In recent years online spare-parts purchase services have significantly increased, rendering e-commerce one of the key features of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services logistics.

This is why we rely on the most sophisticated web technologies to allow spare parts to be purchased in a quick, easy and complete manner.


Logistics. Innovation in transportation.

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