Wiper blades: utmost efficiency and maximum visibility, even during the cold season

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During the cold season, using wiper blades that are high-quality, durable and in perfect condition is fundamental for safe driving. Adverse weather can, in fact, create serious problems related to poor visibility.

In autumn and during the cold winter days, rain, frost and sleet can gather on the windshield and the rear window. Worn wiper blades can struggle to efficiently remove these deposits, compromising visibility and safe driving. It is therefore fundamental to be able to rely on high-quality, durable windshield wiper blades in perfect condition.


Quality aftermarket solutions
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers a complete range of wiper blades, characterised by the highest standards of quality (requested by the major car manufacturers), which are therefore able to respond to all the demands of cars currently in circulation, from the oldest to the most modern models.

The Magneti Marelli Parts & Services catalogue ranges from traditional wiper blades with a metal arch (for windshields and rear windows) to flat blades with a more modern design (available in single and 2-blade packs) for car and light-commercial-vehicle applications. Wiper blades, sold complete with the relative connectors and easy to fit, guarantee elevated performance whatever the weather conditions they face.

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Quality for all needs
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services is the brand on which spare-part retailers, workshops and motorists can rely for the substitution of wiper blades, thanks to its full, quality range.

The design of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services wiper blades is based on advanced technology, such as the optimised aerodynamic profile and the use of highly resistant composite materials.
The production process includes in-depth testing, such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis to guarantee elevated wiping efficiency in all conditions.
Advanced suspension mechanisms make the wiper blades extremely silent and durable, even under the most challenging conditions.


Our distinctive branding
The packaging of Magneti Marelli Parts & Services wiper blades is modern and attractive, and the design is based on the identifying colours of the brand; yellow and blue.

The pack contains all the instructions necessary to guarantee rapid and safe fitting, and a mnemonic code that immediately allows the spare part to be recognised when read.

Digital versions of the catalogues of the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services range of wiper blades can be downloaded from the spare parts section of this website.