We have the answer to all your questions!

For our new communication campaign, we have chosen to entrust our message to a punctuation mark that expresses our characteristics and the values that drive our work.

What is this symbol?

The exclamation mark!

We have chosen to adopt the meaning of this symbol because it expresses strength and enthusiasm, energy and passion, just like the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services brand.

However, our choice is also based on the fact that the exclamation mark is a combination of a line and a point and loses its meaning if one of these two elements is missing. This campaign has been created with the awareness that only by working together as a team, sharing a clear vision of the future, can we continue to be so successful and obtain results. Now, more than ever, it is vital, in creating new business and consolidating existing business, to be able to count on trustworthy partners who can guarantee professionalism and market leadership.

The exclamation mark is the symbol that represents our new communication campaign and is founded on a solid base; the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services brand, which for more than 100 years has stood for quality and innovation in the Aftermarket world.

At the base of the exclamation mark is our claim, “We have the answer to all your questions!”, reminding you that we are always at your side, offering you our skills and market knowledge.

We have the answer to all your questions, to overcome the challenges of the future together!