Magneti Marelli Parts & Services: a full range of A/C solutions for all workshop requirements

Although summer can come late, sooner or later the first hot days arrive, often without warning, forcing drivers to start using their air conditioning again. This means that workshops need to be ready to guarantee their customers proper maintenance of their systems, which are often neglected over the winter.

To respond to these demands, Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers Alaska, a full range of A/C system recharging and maintenance stations that guarantee customers an efficient service that is up to date and also suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Simple and connected application

All the models in the Alaska range share certain functions that have been designed to render the equipment efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly. The main strengths of Alaska A/C recharging stations include:

  • secure charge - guarantees a full air-conditioning system recharge in all situations, regardless of the vehicle and of the ambient temperature.
  • pump oil regeneration - an internal vehicle cleaning process, carried out with a vacuum pump, which extends oil-change intervals by up to one thousand running hours, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • ECO quick couplers - the complete recovery of gas from the pipes and joints avoids the risk of coolant loss.
  • automatic air purge - the internal storage tank contains nothing but coolant, thanks to the automatic draining of incondensable gases.
  • remote assistance - an authorised technician can remotely check the equipment in order to provide the operator with supervision or support via Wi-Fi or USB and the Alaska Manager programme.
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A full range

The Alaska range of recharge stations developed by Magneti Marelli Parts & Services is made up of four models; two Alaska Evo models (R for R134a gas and H for HFO1234yf gas) and two Alaska Prime models (R for R134 gas and H for HFO 1234yf gas).

Alaska Evo R and Alaska Evo H are the most complete models in the range and comply with Industry 4.0 incentive plans. Magneti Marelli Parts & Services recharging stations guarantee accurate and automated working processes, offering high performance at competitive prices. Characterised by an innovative design and attention to detail, they offer the practical One-Touch activation system and a 7” touch-screen interface that guides the operator with manual or automatic functions. USB/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity offers remote diagnostics and ensures that the software and databases are constantly up to date.

Alaska Prime R and Alaska Prime H offer clients the utmost in air-conditioning service technology and respect for the environment at an accessible price. Weighing just 65 kg, these mobile recharging stations are compact and fitted with USB (for report printing and updates), rendering them ideal as a second unit.

Eco Quick Couplers, thermal printers for reports for customers, kits for use on hybrid and electric vehicles, nitrogen test function or azoidro kit, gas identifier, database of agricultural and construction equipment (for R134a versions only) and remote PC connection kit are available as options for all four models.

The special multi-stage programme optimises the recharging process, synchronising the Alaska station to the specific requirements of the A/C units, and makes operations simple with extending flexible pipes that allow even the most complicated connectors to be reached.

The Magneti Marelli Parts & Services A/C service range also offers a line of consumables such as gas, oils and tracers, accessories (leak detectors) and instruments for system maintenance.

The equipment section offers full details of the Magneti Marelli Parts & Services vehicle diagnosis ranges.