Engine cooling and passenger compartment comfort: New range

The leaflet presenting the new Magneti Marelli Parts and Services range dedicated to the Engine Cooling and Passenger compartment Comfort sector is available. It includes a summary of the product families in our updated range.

The radiator is the main component of the cooling system. It is an air-liquid exchanger that has the task of releasing the heat collected by the coolant in the various parts of the engine into the atmosphere.
The Magneti Marelli Parts & Services range includes more than 400 products for a wide coverage of the registered vehicles

The condenser is an exchanger that aims to restore the gas of the air conditioning system to a liquid state. It is located near the radiator, in the front part of the car hood.
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers a wide range of over 230 products for most of the registered vehicles.

The fan is activated if necessary; the pressure of the air conditioning system and/or the refrigerant fluid temperature is cheked by sensors.

The intercooler is an air-to-air exchanger positioned near the radiator, usually below it. This exchanger cools the air coming from the compressor to fully exploit the potential of supercharging. Cooler (and therefore denser) air results in better performance and lower fuel consumption, therefore less pollution.
The Magneti Marelli Parts & Services Intercooler range includes the most important applications for a total of 135 referencess.

The heater is an air-liquid exchanger which, by exploiting the heat collected by the refrigerating fluid, heats the air before being introduced into the passenger cab. Thanks to this small radiator, car comfort is guaranteed in the cold months. 
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers a range of 105 products for most automotive applications.

This component is positioned behind the dashboard and is the heart of car comfort. It has the task of “blowing” air into the passenger compartment. The air flow, after being suitably cooled or heated, is directed to the air vents.
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers an important range of 220 products.

Mechanical, electrical and lately also electronically controlled, these small components allow to maintain the optimum operating temperature of the engine.
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers a renewed range of over 300 codes for a broad coverage of the car park.

A properly working water pump ensures that engine coolant fluid flows correctly into the cooling system. 100% tested and quality guaranteed, they are equipped with all components (bearings, impellers, etc.) with same quality of OE parts to ensure an excellent result: perfect applicability and long life.
Magneti Marelli Parts & Services water pumps, a range of 450 ref. in constant evolution, offer superior cooling performance and longer life.