Automatic transmission maintenance - Service news

The equipment for the maintenance of automatic transmissions is renewed and enriched with further accessories for a complete service with new fittings and new models/technical data in the "ATF Infotech" database.


5 new fittings for BMW, Ford, PSA, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo applications have been developed to enlarge the offer, currently among the most complete on the market, with 63 adapters available for workshops equipped with Marelli ATF Extra Pro or ATF Kompact units:

1.    007935110755   FITTING FOR MP56 POWER SHIFT
2.    007935110760   FITTING FOR CVT K41 TOYOTA
3.    007935110765   FITTING FOR TG81 VOLVO-BMW
4.    007935110770   FITTING FOR TF71/72 PSA-BMW
5.    007935110775   FITTING FOR AW F8F35 F8F45



New Graphic User Interface (GUI) optimized for tablets with 252 new models and 1.529 new versions added including connection info and thermostats info.

ATF Extra Pro

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An automatic device for exchanging ATF fluid, and flushing the automatic transmission in the vehicle.
The machine automatically measures oil flow without requiring a connection. It does not require a pressure gauge as its onboard system allows it to automatically manage flow rate and pressure.
A backlit inspection valve enables a visual checkup on the different maintenance stages. Displays the quantities of new and used oil.

007935110778 ATF Extra Pro + Kit Entry 30 adapters
007935110779 ATF Extra Pro + Kit Completo 63 adapters

ATF Kompact

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A device for manually exchanging ATF fluid, and flushing the automatic transmission in the vehicle.
Its pressure gauge makes it possible to determine the rate and direction of the flow across a regular valve. An inspection display allows you to verify that each stage of maintenance is progressing correctly.

007935130010  ATF Kompact
007935110776  Kit Entry 30 adapters
007935110777  Kit Extension 33 adapters

Automatic Transmission Washing Liquid

Liquid cleaner specifically developed to remove particles and impurities that can cause malfunctions on the transmission.

The product does not damage the sealing and rubber or plastic parts.

007950026101   0,4 litres (12 Pcs)
007950025420   1 litre