Marelli wins 2020 Automotive News PACE Award

h-Digi® Module is the First Lighting Innovation of its Kind, Supporting Glare-Free High Beam and Image Projections on the Road

Automotive News named Marelli a 2020 PACE Award winner at a virtual ceremony held on April 28. Marelli was one of 13 companies to win the prestigious award, which honors automotive suppliers for superior innovation and technological advancement. The company’s h-Digi lighting module, which provides glare-free high beam with high definition quality thanks to 1.3 million pixels, took home the prize. 

h-Digi is a product of Marelli Automotive Lighting, and marks the first time digital micro-mirror technology (DMD) has been used in an automotive lighting application. A focused effort on increasing driver safety and comfort, coupled with an opportunity to develop a solution that facilitates driver assistance and communication, were the key enablers behind the innovation.

DMD has been available in simplified form in the consumer electronics sector for many years; however, it is a new optical component in the automotive field. It allows for better illumination and finer resolution as compared to other headlamps on the market, with the added ability to project on-road assistance and warning symbols for the driver.  

h-Digi is the first lighting module on the market capable of using light as a communication tool. On-road image projections can include vehicle guidelines, weather warnings, speed limit changes, construction zone warnings, selective illumination of pedestrians, and crosswalk symbols. This high-resolution technology not only increases safety and comfort in human-driven vehicles, it will play a role in semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle development. More robust image projection is possible when leveraging vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology, increasing the types of messages conveyed.

“We are honored to be recognized with the 2020 Automotive News PACE award,” said Sylvain Dubois, EVP and CEO Marelli Automotive Lighting. “Our company is steeped in innovation; it’s in our DNA. It’s what fuels us to develop disruptive technology that increases driver safety and comfort. This award is a testament to the focus and dedication of our team members, valued partners and customers, and our unwavering commitment to reducing traffic accidents and fatalities.”

The quality and performance of the h-Digi module surpasses other solutions on the market today. It provides increased low beam and high beam range, adds intensity when high beam and adaptive driving beam functions are activated, and allows for extremely precise light output without glaring oncoming drivers.