ECO WASH - Electronic continuous recirculating parts washer

ECO WASH is an electronic parts washer that uses a form of technology defined as bioremediation, based on the metabolic properties of certain bacteria capable of converting hydrocarbons into natural substances such as carbon dioxide and water. In particular, the combination of this type of bacteria with a number of natural enzymes and a specific water-based degreasing detergent results in the rapid and efficient cleaning of mechanical components without the need to use aromatic/chlorinated solvents or aggressive products that are harmful to health and to the environment. The result is a significant reduction in compliance requirements for the workshop with regards to the environment and safety.

The constant monitoring of operating temperature allows the micro-organisms to develop and multiply, ensuring the continuing efficiency of the cleaning fluid, for the complete removal of oils, greases and stubborn dirt. Plastics, rubber, seals, paints, carbon fibre, aluminium and other alloys are preserved by the detergent properties of the fluid.

The special brush supplied distributes the washing fluid directly from the brushes, allowing rapid cleaning of the relative parts. The flow can be controlled and is at low pressure, protecting delicate parts.

ECO Fluid - Detergent with enzymes 
ECO Fluid is a water-based neutral fluid with high degreasing power, for the safe cleaning of all mechanical parts in the vehicle workshop sector. Also suitable for removing the protective treatments applied to new parts, such as spare parts before installation.

ECO Bact - Concentrated bacterial solution
The micro-organisms in ECO Bact develop and multiply, keeping ECO Fluid free of oil, grease and hydrocarbons.

Technical specifications

· power supply 230 V CA
· power consumption 5 ÷ 1000 W
· internal tank capacity 40 L
· operating temperature 39 °C
· maximum fluid capacity 4 L/min
· maximum pressure 2 bar
· external temperature range 5 ÷ 50 °C
· dimensions 1050 x 1150 x 750 mm (W x H x D)
· work surface height 900 mm
· basin dimensions 750 x 200 x 420 mm (W x H x D)
· fluid outlet valve to the left or right
· digital control unit for temperature management
· integrated level sensor
· overall dry weight 58 kg